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The robot was first developed by Augustus Waller in the year 1870. In the year 1903 Willem Einthoven discovered the first ECG robot which became popular in the proud days. It is nevertheless considered to be one of the most commendable discoveries in the history of mankind. As years passed by, the robot evolved in many ways following added modifications and militant features fucking machine.

Functions of the ECG Machine


The main acquit yourself of the ECG robot is to monitor the functions of the heart. These machines include a number of electrode leads which are attached to the limbs and chest of the person, even though conducting an electrocardiogram test. The electrical objection of the heart is measured and recorded by the electrodes. Every heart irritation is represented in the form of waves which is printed going about for a strip of paper.

Significant Uses of Electrocardiogram

The ECG robot is one of the least expensive and invasive method used by cardiologists all on extremity of the world. It is in addition to one of the most in force equipments to conduct routine tests to investigate the functions of the heart. Useful opinion pertaining to the electrical configurations and the rhythms of the heart can be obtained in the manner of the acknowledge of these machines.

These machines can be used to detect the thickening of the heart walls. Doctors use the electrocardiogram machines to study current or pass heart attacks in a person. The appreciation readings depicted upon the paper illustrate the functions of the heart and the presence of any type of heart emphasis variations. The disturbances in the heart rhythm can be easily diagnosed connected to the by now of these machines.